Furnace Repairing

These are the facts you should know when you believe that your furnace needs a repairing:

A noticeable strong gas smell. If your furnace isn’t running, look for the emergency shut off option or button and check your breaker. Switch them off immediately and turn then on after 5 minutes, Turn it off, then on again. If furnace doesn’t run at all, call us to determine the source of the problem. Keep in mind that many systems utilize built-in delays, so your furnace should start running after couple of minutes when you switch on.

You see a lot of prospects to consider when it comes to winter, you could have forgotten to switch your thermostat over to “heat.” Please check to make sure that is set correctly.

And after all these experiments when you see that your furnace is still not working fine or not working at all, you need Big3's HVAC Technician with gas license.

Air conditioners stop working or breaks down due to different reasons. It could be poor lubricants, gas leakage, dirt, age after installing, electrical issues, or a faulty installation.

You are totally depending on your air conditioner to keep you comfortable when temperature threatens you and your family. If it stop running or breaks down in the middle of summer, you will have to be ready for sticky, hotter, humid condition and extreme temperature until it is fixed or repaired by a gas licensed technician.

We at Big3 Home Service have certified and trained technicians working 7 days a week.

 A/C Repairing

We Offer:
Installation, Repair & Maintenance for
  • Furnace
  •  Air Conditioner
  • Humidifier
  • Hot Water Tanks
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Split Systems, Fireplaces
  • Gas Lines (underground)
  • Pool Heaters!